How To Renovate Your Kitchen

Is your kitchen old, and scraped and you feel that it needs renovation? Kitchen renovation requires prior planning and budgeting. Consider the renovation costs, tastes and preferences, and what you want to it to look. Improvement is cheap as compared to reconstructing new kitchen. We asked Brad from SF Kitchen Renovations for some tips on renovating your kitchen. SF Kitchen Renovations are a premier kitchen design company operating in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Below are Brads tips to redo your kitchen.

1. Update your kitchen cabinets
Renovation mostly involves installing new kitchen cabinets which are somehow expensive as compared to replacement and updating. If your current set s in shape, it’s wise to update instead of replacing. Cabinet upgrades involve cabinet pulls upgrade by replacing the knobs, hinges and pulls. Sanding and re-staining is also another meaningful way to improve your cabinet.
If your prior cabinet is wooded, then you can sand it and get rid of any stained leaving your kitchen appealing. Consider painting all the stained areas with a color that meets your preferences. Bright white cabinets are eye-catching and make your kitchen appear clean.

2. Countertops replacement
Rip out and replace the old countertops with new ones of high quality. The cost varies with the type and makes of the countertops. Consider a purchase from shops offering discounts. Buy the countertops that meet your budget plan and preference. The replacement is a straight forward process; therefore, you can save money by replacing them yourself.

3. Hire a Kitchen Renovation Company
Kitchen Renovation company experts play a major role in pointing out areas that need renovations in your kitchen they also provide various suggestions that will make your kitchen appear new. Hire the kitchen renovation company near you for complete renovations.

4. New Lighting
The switches and bulbs play a significant role in how bright your kitchen will, therefore, need consideration while renovating your kitchen. Consider bright lighting that will make your kitchen feel welcoming and appealing. The kitchen switch panels should match the kitchen hardware.

5. New paints and curtains
The first impression the kitchen creates depends on the paint color and the curtains used. Bright colors match most kitchens and give them an appealing look. While renovating your kitchen, buy new curtains with bright colors and also repaint your kitchen to make it look brand new. Curtains serve well as compared to using rugs, pictures or other decorations.

6. Upgrade the Kitchen Faucet
To give your kitchen an appealing look, replace the old kitchen faucets with new ones. They are cheap therefore you don’t have to go out of your budget. Fancy and high quality faucets are fitted with various features that facilitate cleaning and cooking. Consider elegant brushed brass or black color which areas to clean and do not attract dirt. New upgraded faces should create enough space for washing and cooking.

7. Fancy backsplash
Replacing the backsplash is the easiest way of transforming your entire kitchen and give it an elegant look. It is effortless to change the old tiles and replace with new. You can also add a unique sleek backsplash in different paints, even where they did not exist to ensure three is uniformity. Chose the color that pleases you for the subway tiles but it should match with the kitchen hardware. They should also be water and dirt resistant.
The backsplash is also attained by using paint and stencils. They provide an option to add new dimensions and ensure that your kitchen has a modern look. This installation needs an expert with artistic skills to give your kitchen a modern look. Buy new appliances to make your kitchen look more modern. Go for the necessary tools that meet your budget.

8. Install kitchen flooring and Baseboards
Most builders consider installing floor after the cabinets are in place. There are several eco-friendly kitchen flooring options to leave your kitchen in good shape while renovating. They include bamboo flooring, recycled carpeting, linoleum flooring and wood flooring.

Bottom line
Kitchen renovation plays a significant role in giving your kitchen brand new look. Renovation is entirely based on your interests and desired designs. Consider the above ways to renovate your kitchen at a low budget.